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It's Monday morning, last months numbers look set records. Yet when the corporate guys come in this afternoon, you find that keeping the paper mill running isn't good enough, they want you to become a profit center and they want it quick. What are you going to do? The answer is Chemron.

We specialize in making you profitable from the top to the bottom, period. We're starch, chemicals, engineered systems, machine audits, adhesive formulation, and full customer service for you. We provide you what you need and only what you need. You'll get a customized starch specifically designed for your equipment and process. Thats something you'll never see from the big starch companies...they sell the same tired products to everyone, even the competitors. Chemron gives you a leg up and an edge with unmatched products and services. Call us for a free evaluation and we'll put you back on track and send you down the path of profitability.

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